2020 3rd International Conference on Frontiers in Educational Technologies and Management Sciences (FETMS 2020)

   FETMS 2020 will be held in Taiyuan on August 27-29, 2020. 2020 is in the era of the rise of comprehensive educational technology, and the integration of the educational technology community and the management science community has become the trend of the times. "The integration of global education technology and management science" is the beginning of the era of globalization, and it is still impossible to complete, from the perspective of educational technology, the transformation of the frontier achievements of digital education and the transformation of new technologies . Therefore, the conference will focus on the “education reform in the context of big education, the integration of educational technology, the integration of management science, and the relationship between educational technology and management science”. By the form of grouping, an expert will be selected for discussion. The results of the discussion and the academic opinions of educational technology and management science will be presented in the form of texts to the expert jury of the organizing committee of the conference to determine the shortlisted papers. At the closing ceremony, the names of the copyrighted parties and the results-transforming units of these papers and scientific and technological achievements were read out. Finally, excellent papers will be published in the form of monographs, books, preprints, periodicals, reports, etc. The conference is aimed at providing a platform for academic exchanges for the integration of scientific development about the progress and management of human educational technology.

   The conference invites experts, scholars, business people and other relevant personnel of domestic and foreign education circles, well-known universities, scientific research institutions to participate in the exchanges to jointly promote the development of global humanistic education. All professionals who are engaged in education-related technology research and management science are welcome to register and submit to participate in this conference.


Publishing and retrieval


Papers used by FETMS2020 will be published on WOP in Education, Social Sciences and Psychology (ISSN 2515-2904), a subsidiary of Web of Proceedings Press, and all papers will be submitted to CPCI (Web of Science) and CNKI for indexing.


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